Presentation and aims of the EuroSun website

This website has been created as part of the EuroSun project. The aim of this website is to make available all information concerning EuroSun, its methodology and results, to epidemiologists, community health authorities, national and international skin cancer prevention organisations and health professionals, researchers, and the general public.

The EuroSun project, titled “Quantification of sun exposure in Europe and its effects on health” is funded by the EU through the Public Health Executive Agency, grant n.2006320.

EuroSun is a large-scale, multidisciplinary, multiannual project, concerning all countries of the European Union, applicant countries, EEA countries, plus Switzerland. The associated partners have gathered and calculated UV irradiation data and tumour incidence and mortality by country for all locations.

Initiated in 2007 by Professor Peter Boyle, this project is henceforth coordinated by Dr. Mathieu Boniol, Research Director at the International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI). EuroSun also involves the following institutes: INSERM, France (Dr. Jean François Doré); ARMINES, France (Prof. Lucien Wald); and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (Prof. Ulrik Ringborg).

Map of the averaged daily of UV irradiation in Europe for the month of July averaged over the period 2003-2007.

Map of the averaged daily UV irradiation (in J/cm2) in Europe for the month of July averaged over the period 2003-2007.